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Improve Sexual Performance
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Increase Energy and Strength


Over 30 million men in the U.S under age 65 suffer from l ow testosterone.  As men age, their levels of testosterone decline as more of their testosterone production is converted into dihydrotestosterone and estrogen metabolites.  That means less gree flowing testosterone in their bodies to support a healthy hormone balance.  Less available testosterone means lower energy levels, less drive and ambition and diminished sexual vitality.

ManPower's unique all-natural ingredients work synergistically to free up testosterone in the body.  We use natural substances from cruciferous vegetables that slow down the unhealthy conversion of testosterone and work to maintain higher levels of free testosterone in the blood and tissue, making men feel younger, stronger, and more vital without health risks or side effects.

ManPower is the #1 selling supplement in the Mother's Cupboard Nutrition stores in Spokane, Washington.  Of the over 10,000 bottles sold in that chain, fewer than 10 have been returned, which speaks to the amazing effectiveness of the product and high customer satisfaction.  The ingredients in ManPower and ManPower Ultra have no known side effects, but deliver powerful results for a rapidly growing category of men who want to reclaim the energy and performance of their youth.